Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Number and Address

I opened up a p.o. box at the post office so I now have a new address. Please send letters this way instead of with the other address other wise it will be months before I get letters (or packages which are now very welcome!)

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning up the apartment and getting things out of bags. It is a huge relief to not be living out of my suite case. I tried to hang up my tapestry and my lanterns but no matter what kind of tape I use they fall down. Itºs quite hot and humid here (despite it never raining) so the tape doesnºt work very well. I am going to look into finding tacks but I havenºt seen any so far and Iºm not sure if they would go into the wall because Iºm pretty sure that wall is made of cement. Iºm going to have to look into some other option.
The apartment has a small balcony that looks over the harbor and the rest of the city, itºs a really nice location and Iºm looking forward to a clear day so that I can see Santa Antao.
My job at the SOS is quite far out of town which is kind of annoying. My boss called me to ask me when I was coming in on Monday and I had a lot of trouble hearing here, and since I had no idea where the place was I had to ask around. I had to have asked like 30 or more people and no one in town knew where it was which was really frustrating. On the internet I figured out what concelleo it was in but still didnºt know how to get there. Finally I went to the Camara and asked a security guard who was so sweet and after about 20 minutes he told me what bus to take and gave me a general idea of where it was. Needless to say I was a little nervous about getting to work. I found the bus which is luckily a block from my house and although the bus driver didnºt know where it was, there were 3 kids on the bus who were going there and we walked together. It was a really great moment getting there because I was able to do it through my broken Kriolu (the speak Northern Kriolu here too which I have to pick up) and with the help of some really nice people. So despite the frustrations and the fact that it would have been easier if my boss had just told me what bus to take (had I of course understood her on the phone), it was a good test of my language and my patience and Iºm pretty proud that I was able to do it by myself. I also made 3 adorable little friends who at the end of the day walked back with me to the bus stop (we ended up having to run after the bus, which was a really funny site Iºm sure for onlookers).
Anyway, I shall post again soon. Hope everyone is doing well at home!

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Anonymous said...

See....You are very resourceful!I cannot believe that you posting was at 6:44 am!
Thank goodness there is a bus you can take to get to work.
Let us know when your phone is hooked up! A letter will go out in the am...let us know how long it takes to get there!
love, MOM