Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Presents

You canºt really see it, but itºs a card from my parents, which I thought was cute (and yes mom you are right, it is lame, but I loved it!), and my dadºs yearbook picture, which on the back says ´I thought I should include something scary´ (i got a huge kick out of it)

In a very small envelope with my absentee ballot (which I am so grateful to my dad for sending over), he literally stuffed as many paper halloween decorations. The woman at the post office got a huge kick out of it and they are now hanging up all around the apartment, so we are all decorated for the holiday.

My other fun package was from Courtney Peanut Butter Raum, who sent me a whole ton of goodies, including a trashy novel (which was great and I finished in a couple of hours), peeps (which I LOVE) and other fun goodies to keep me going.
So needless to say it was a super fun trip to the post office, even if on my walk back home I got tons of crazy looks, because I had a huge smile on my face :)
Although Iºve been pretty lucky with having decent access to email, there is nothing like a letter, so keep em coming. Hope everything has a great halloween! Iºm not sure what Iºm doing for the day. They do celebrate halloween here but they dress up in black, thatºs about all i know, so I dont think that I am going to go as a desperate housewife as I was thinking (maybe just around the apartment). Anyway, have a great weekend!

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