Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pingu-pingu and the stolen cat

So my host family had a cat named pingu-pingu (meaning polka dots *I named it myself*) and one day this skinny little cats appears with a baby kitten (who we later named pingu-pingu dodu *crazy*). I had found out a couple days earlier that Leah’s host family’s neighbor’s cat had kittens on their roof and that Kevi (her host brother) had dropped to kittens off in ribiera, I believe a couple of weeks after being born. Needless to say before I heard about these abandoned kittens I was skeptical that pingu-pingu had a litter of one. I’ve never heard of such a thing, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong or if you’ve ever heard of such a thing. I explained to my host family about my skepticism, but they were convinced that pingu-pingu would never do such a thing and that it had litters of one in the past (hmm suspicious- a serial kitten robber). So despite my skepticism I tried to drop it. But pingu-pingu and pingu-pingu dodu weren’t interacting like mother and child. Pingu-pingu for one couldn’t carry pingu-pingu dodu by the neck and every time it tried it dropped it. Since I’m pretty sure that pingu-pingu wasn’t producing any milk (I never was fully able to determine this but I am pretty confident), pingu-pingu dodu wasn’t eating except for the small portions of rice that I would sneak it. I’m not sure if pingu-pingu dodu was a little off because pingu-pingu wasn’t its’ mom and therefore wasn’t getting any nutrients from milk or what, but it certainly wasn’t the smartest kitten in Ribiera Manuel. It would walk into my room and hiss at me, or hiss as things it knocked over, roll off of books it was climbing on and just cry. When I spoke to my host family last they said that pingu-pingu dodu was still alive and well but they also still continue to refuse to admit that their other cat stole it.


TBTAM said...

Nice blog - enjoying your posts.

Cat said...

haha. that is a funny story about the cat. So are you going to get a pet? cats et the roaches!!! lol. Ps...I TOTALLY relate to the men hissing is so annoying and we have the same indescribable noisy attempt at grabbing female attention here too. i have random men come to my door at night and ask to come in and am harassed EVERY day EVERY hour on the street. some days its like whatever and some days its like i want to curl up in a ball and pretend I'm in America. Did you vote yet? LOVED seeing pictures!!! Miss you. Glad you got my text even if you can't text back. at least now I know I can send you random messages now and then.