Monday, September 29, 2008

Arrived in Mindelo!

So I have finally arrived in which is really exciting and nerve racking. Having a week of luxury in Praia before I came will probably make this adjustment a little difficult. I just arrived yesterday so I havenºt gotten to see the whole town yet but I am excited about exploring some more. Mindello has a very European like feel to it and it seems quite nice.
Anyway... tomorrow if I can figure out how to get to the SOS i will be going to work... Today I talked to my counterpart and had an unbelievable time trying to figure out where the place is located and therefore have no idea how to get there and no one in the area knows where it is. Plus I have no idea what my address is so itºs hard to explain where I am.

Mindelo is the second largest city in Cape Verde. I’m living with another volunteer in an apartment in basically the middle of town. It feels like a pretty safe neighborhood and our apartment building mostly consists of families which is very nice.

Lindsay and I after finding out that we would be living in Mindelo together.

My Room
Kitchen and living room

Another view of the Harbor from the balcony


Stacie said...

aww i see the peep! i miss playing peep in the middle!!

Cathryn said...

Ooo yes, stacie I brought the peep with me. I miss playing peep in the middle too! Donºt worry Iºm bringing the peep back with me so we will play again soon!