Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween in Mindelo

For halloween people in Cape Verde dress up in all black. There were a couple of people in costumes but not very many, and Chinese lojas are trying to bring our influence by having masks and wigs and such, but it hasnºt really caught on. I bought a mask but didnºt end up wearing it, mostly because it was so incredibly hot to wear. Since nights out here start very late we left our apartment around 11ish and walked down to the praça where everyone was walking around. Someone explained to me that people walking around the praçaa is a big part of the culture here that hasnºt died out over time, which is really awesome and cool (People just literally walk around the praça for hours- itºs been said that you can have the best conversations there). So it was pretty cool to see all these people wearing black walking around. For some reason I was the only one who caught a glimpse of a guy in a mask walking around with a torch (but I swear I really saw it!)
After getting an idea of what was going on we went down to the beach and went to a club. It was an interesting experience with lots of American music and people dancing away. As an interesting comparison, I found it very interesting that it seems like not all that many people were drinking (or at least not heavily, probably because the drinks were crazy expensive but also just because unlike in America where I feel like it usually takes a couple of drinks to get on the dance floor, people in Cape Verde genuinely love to dance and donºt need a drink in them to do it). So overall it was a pretty good time, it was a good experience to find out what a dance club really was all about, defiantly not my kind of scene (it had strobe lights and all), but it was something I feel like you just need to do at least once. We didnºt get back home until 530, which was really quite late (Iºm not sure if I will ever get used to the really late nights here) and really shot the whole next day, but it was a good Halloween despite not getting to see peopleºs creative costumes and maybe next year the Chinese lojas will have more luck with selling costumes similar to ours in the states.

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