Friday, November 7, 2008

A Sucker is Born Everyday

So yesterday @ work I saw that some kids had this card that had different peopleºs names on it, but when they tried to explain it to me I didnºt really understand. From what I did get, if they got people to sign it they would win something. I thought they would win 10\20$oo escudos, because it had a price on the top. I didnºt think much of it and since they didnºt ask me to sign it I didnºt ask more about it. Today when I came into work though, two girls came up to me and asked me to sign it. They gave a half ass explanation again (I think it was more lack of explanation than it was me not understanding) and asked me to sign it. I figured what the heck and I saw a couple of other names of people from the SOS who signed it too so I signed theirs. Next thing I know they are asking for the money (the number that was on top of the page). This really nice woman Solange who works here than explained to me that I had to pay for signing… so I totally got sucked into it. I didnºt have enough money today to pay for it so I am indebted to two 12year olds… haha I am hoping that they didnºt tell any of the other kids that I signed it, other wise every kid is going to expect me to pay. I guess you live and learn and donºt sign anything if you donºt understand it! My overall understanding of this thing is that once they have their whole sheet filled out with signatures they win something, but Iºm not sure what. Do they keep the money that I give them, do they give it to someone at school? Oooo well, so I am now 30$00 escudos broker, but I may have made two best friends. I will certainly not be signing any more cards until I really figure out what they deal is.

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Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk. And you were raised in NYC? LOL!

Glad you've settled in.

(Aunt) Sara