Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jogos Globais da Paz

Last weekend the SOS had their Jogos Globais da Paz. The event took place at a campo in Mindelo and involved about 10 teams playing soccer. It was a pretty cool day, actually hot, but I think that overall it went really well. There were a good bit of highschoolers who (they have school in the afternoon, that is the way school works here because there are so many children, that you either have school in the morning or in the afternoon), were cheering on the players. The whole point of the day was to show how important soccer is to children all across the world. Not only does it give kids a fun activity to partake in but it also keep kids from doing other things, such as drugs or getting involved with the wrong crowd. The event which is either sponsered by or at least the idea of FIFA, hopes to show that soccer can be a peacemaker.

After the events there were two groups, one who did capoeira (is an Afro-Brazilian art form that ritualizes movement from martial arts, games, and dance... look it up on wikipedia it has an interesting history) and the other were playing music. It was really cool. I had seen a group in the Praca doing capoeira on Sundays (Sunday is a realyl big night out, why I have no idea, but itºs nice that you can always go to the Praca and either pacia around or listen to music).
So overall I thought that the day was really cool and it really brought a lot of kids together to do something cool and show how great soccer is as a game. I threw the idea past my boss of possibly having a girls soccer team, maybe affiliated with the SOS, she didnºt seem like incredibly enthusiastic but I think that she thought it was an interesting idea and I would really like to see how feasible of an idea it is.

Anyway hope that everyone is enjoying the week, I will try to post something again soon!

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Maman et Papa said...

Hello Duffy! Enjoyed reading your blog once again. I was wondering if your boss would approve a team, maybe TMLA could sponsor them? Maybe Catherine could get a team going too and they could compete against each other!
Anyway, God bless and keep well!