Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Santo Antão

I spent Christmas in Porto Novo, Santo Antão with Alissa, Dove and Josh (at their house) and a couple of other volunteers. Christmas Eve we ate Pasta Figioli (not sure if the name is right, a pasta and bean dish with lots of extra sause) which we ate with this amazing fried pizza dough. Iºm not a huge fan of beans but the beans werenºt overwhelming and it was just so so so good. After dinner we watched Sex and the City, the movie and than went to bed.

Christmas morning Dove made banana and peach muffins and than we sat around and opened some presents. Alissa had already given me everything so we didnºt have anything to open, but Megan gave us both loufas which was really sweet and wrapped them in a Time Magazine. We than had some leftover pasta and headed to the beach. After the beach we ate hummus and pita (both homemade and delicious). We than watch Love Actually which is a Christmas story, kind of and hung around until we were ready to have another feast. Dinner was bbq chicken, fish, stuffing, squash deliciousness, corn bread, garlic kale, mashed potatoes and for dessert a copious amount of cookies. It was all really good and I was stuffed by the end.

After dinner my parents called so Alissa and I got to talk to them which was nice and than we just hung out and played some cards until we all passed out from being so full.

Anyway, hope everyone else had a wonderful christmas too!


Anonymous said...

Love that fireplace! The pictures of you two togehter are fantastic. Thanks for posting them so promptly!
Happy New Year!!!!!!
Love, MOM

Maman et Papa said...

We hope you did not burn yourself being so close to the fireplace! Thanks so much for your card, it was really nice to receive for Christmas. Hope your Christmas was fun with your sister. There was a void here without Catherine but we made the best of it.
Keep up the great work!