Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caça aos Tesouros e Pintura Creativa a Mão

Today at the SOS one of the social workers Judite (and of course with the help of everyone else here) created a treasure hunt (Caça aos Tesouros) and invited SOS children and their families to participate. About 50 children and their caretakers participated and it was a hit. We had kids and adults running all around the area to find pencils and bags etc that were hidden on the premisis. It was so funny to watch them all running around and having a great time. My hat (Treasure Hunt!)
(Finger painting and a group of kids who participated, can you find me?)
really goes off to the people who work here who created the activity because I really think that it is great for the kids to have some sort of organized activity every once in a while, instead of just doing homework everyday and than playing amougst themselves (The kids did have to do their homework before the activity of course!). Part of the idea behind the SOS and what makes it sustainable as a nonprofit organization is that the families who are being helped participate and give back to the SOS community (so instead of having to hire labor the families give back to the SOS by giving their time), so having activities such as today allow for them to do such and things and also have a good time. After all of the items were found we than all went into the cafeteria\other activity room and finger painted (Pintura Creativa a Mão). It was so awesome to see both parents and kids participating and also having a blast at the same time. There is something about finger painting that no matter how old your are it is a fun thing to do and just brings you back to your childhood.

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Maman et Papa said...

Hi Duffy,
Nice story. Glad you were able to meet up with some Americans. Looking for you I noticed you didn't have a painting - you don't paint?

Can't wait to see your next blog.
God bless and the best to you.