Thursday, December 11, 2008

Riding in Boats with Navy Boys

So the other night I was walking to meet a friend for dinner and on my way I saw this whole hoard of guys walking around. I didnºt think too much of it until they started speaking American English (which is one of the most refeshing sounds to hear when you havenºt heard it in so long). Anyway so we chatted for a bit and I found out that they are here with the Navy heading around Africa and doing some work and giving out gifts. They offered to give me a tour of the boat the next day, needless to say I took them up on the offer. So yesterday Lindsay and I walked over to the boat, I sweetalked my way past security (in Kreolu I might add which I am proud of) and walked the insanely long walk on the pier to the U.S.S. Bradley. When we got on the boat we just explained to them that we wanted a tour and they gladly grabbed an unsuspecting sailor, Morgan, who took us on a really awesome tour of the boat. We pretty much got to see everything from the big guns (which he tried to explain their names and what they do but it really didnºt mean too much haha), the kitchen and where they eat, and even where they sleep. I didnºt think it was possible to ever have a bed smaller than the one that I had in college, but man those were small little beds, stacked 3 high... I would not want to be in one of those in a bad storm (I found out later that on their way here they hit 60ft waves...eek).
One of the absolute highlights of the tour was the dinning hall where I saw soy sause and mentioned that you canºt get any here and (Telemax: I kid you not that is his first name)Morgan talked to a few people gave a slightly sob story about us being Peace Corps volunteers and than another guy appeared with two bottles of really good soy sause... which means I will make rice (something that I have done I think only twice since living with my hostfamily). I never thought that you could be so excited about such a little thing but really little things make such a big difference. When we were out with some sailors later they told us that we sound have gotten some heinz ketcup... dam!!! Ooo well it was still awesome.
Some other random highlights of the trip on the boat: seeing a sailor in his boxers, going into the high security places of the boat with cameras and all sorts of crazy things, walking up and down the stairs which are at a rediculous angel (to save space), seeing the SMALL thing that stears the ship (they donºt have a big whatever it is called to stear), walking past guys with VERY BIG guns, and hearing Americanºs speak.
As we were walking off the boat and thanking them for the awesomoe tour and dreading the long hot walk back, first I ran into the guys that I had met the night before and a whole bunch of them were wearing Cape Verde gear which was pretty rediculous and when I commented they said ´´hey we are just trying to fit in´´, haha. And than this guy Rank who I have been teaching English to (a rich guy who works for the gas company and who will hopefully help fund some projects I want to do) pulls up right next to us and drives us back home. Rank is a very funny man, it is mostly because of his English which isnºt too bad but when he says things they always just sound funnier than they are. And I run into him a good bit, other than just at class, like on random roads that I am walking on he will randomly pull up, anyway so he is a random guy but it is nice to get rides some places.

(Lindsay and the creeper older sailor) (Me and some of the boys) (This guy who bought a Cabo Verde belt which I thought was great)
Later last night we went out to this bar that is on the beach for a couple of drinks with the boys that I had met the day before. I couldnºt exactly remember what they looked like and ended up walking up to other Americans and talking to them like I knew them, they were confused and boardline rude so than we sat somewhere else until the right boys came up to us. It was a good night and very nice to talk to them and see what they are doing on their 6month tour, sharing stories about eating crappy food and hearing about their lives.

Today I am heading to Praia (the capital) to hang out for a couple of days and pick up my sister Alissa at the airport. Although we had been talking about her coming here for a while it never really felt real, I donºt think it will until I see her walk out the gate. For the first 3 months we havenºt been able to leave the island of Sao Vicente and I understand the concept of the rule, but it will be so refreshing and I think good for me to get off and come back here more refreshed and with my sis!!

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