Monday, February 16, 2009

Dia do Namorados

Iºm pretty sure that the only good thing about Valentineºs day that is awesome is getting giant boxes of chocolate that you can eat your sorrows away with. O.K. that was a bit dramatic but still. So anyhoo, I didnºt think that much about valentineºs day this year until I was walking around Mindelo and noticed that there are hearts everywhere so my fears were answered... they do celebrate v-day even here. My co-workers asked me what I was doing for the day and I explained to them that I didnºt have any plans becaue I donºt like the holiday, they assured me that it was also a holiday about friendship (yea right). But all in all it wasnºt a bad valentineºs day, Lindsay and I went to a friends house and had a really good steak (my first one here and it was incredible) and just hung around and than had an early night which was very nice.

At work on friday before v-day the kids at work made valentineºs day cards which was hilarious because the kids were writting these quotes which were just rediculous. First off there was lots of ´´I love you´´s but it wasnºt spelled right, it was more like ´´ E lovi yo´´ almost but not quite. This is one of those English phrases that everyone knows because it is written over lots of stuff, so itºs not shocking for people in the street to confess their love to me or maybe a proposal or two every once in a while.
I will try to post some pictures later in the week of some of the great cards that you all will get a kick out of. Anyway, hope everyone has a good week. We are all getting ready for Carnival which is next week (Fat Tuesday in the U.S.) and is supposed to be really awesome. Lots of people are dressing up but I still havenºt decided if Iºm going to wear a costume or being boring and just wear normal clothes. We shall see, if anyone has any interesting ideaºs send them my way.

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