Friday, August 29, 2008

Baptism in Cape Verde

Today I went to a baptism which was pretty much like any baptism in the United States except they do like 20 kids at once and than have this crazy photo shoot with funny backdrops and all outside and than there is a festa. Before heading to the Festa we jumped in the Hillux with the godfather (leahºs host father) and drove around town picking up drinks (as that is the job of the godfather). Before we arrived at the party we also drove through the whole town honking to let everyone that we arrived. I certainly got a kick out of it. After picking up copious amounts of beer, soda and wine (the host family provided the grouge) we headed to the festa where I ate a rediculous amount of food. At all social functions there are a few staple foods that are served. Bongolong (which is a white bean dish with corn balls and some meat), Rice (of course) and Xarien (which is basically like a corn couscous type texture dish). For dessert they have lots of random sweet things, not too much chocolate which is unfortunate but ok, but than they throw in weird thhings that they feel should be served with dessert such as fish patties, but most certainly arenºt what you wnat when you are eating a piece of cake. One of those things you have to try and make the mistake once and never make again!


Aunt Loretta said...

Hi Cathryn ~ It's Cathrine Wauter's Aunt Loretta ... I try to catch up on your blog when I check out Catherine's. Those Baptisims sound like quite the party. Hope you're doing well. You PCV are truly amazing individuals. Keep well, keep up the great work and God Bless.

Much love,

Aunt Loretta

Jan Jan said...

hey duffy!

HAHA i love how you r in Africa and are still at social events celebrating with huge amounts of makes me happy to know things have not changed much at all!

I started my job last week and tomorrow the lil kiddies come into my classroom!! i am so nervous right now i could barf! lol

Hope to hear from you soon...miss you :)

xoxox janjan